Orinoco Mining Arc Media

Declared in 2016, the largest mining project in Venezuela spans over 110,800 square kilometers affecting multiple indigenous nations, ecosystems, ocean outflow and regional economies. LACCCB 2018 hosted the first public forum for international scientific discussion on the issue.

Media related to the Orinoco Mining Arc will continue to be consolidated on this page.

We invite you to view the resulting CONFERENCE STATEMENT, prepared by attendees of LACCCB 2018 after the presentation of the symposium “An Insight into the Orinoco Mining Arc: its implications for Venezuela and the eastern Caribbean”organized by the Venezuelan Society of Ecology, and voted on at the LACA member’s meeting.

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Mining arc Symposium at LACCCB 2018

Explora Magazine: June 2018 edition

Explore implications for the Mining Arc through this beautifully photographed 232 page expose of the ecosystems and people of the region.

Infoamazonia/Correa del caroni collaboration

Reporter Bram Ebus takes us on a media-rich journey through recent changes in the Mining Arc. This piece is winner of the 2018 Al Neuharth Innovation in Investigative Journalism Award

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SOS Orinoco latest updates

The purpose of Project SOSOrinoco is to shed light on the existing body of work regarding the situation in the Amazonas and Orinoco regions of Venezuela

Virtual Seminar

Seminario virtual "El Arco Minero del Orinoco: Un riesgo sin precedentes para Venezuela"

Amazon Illegal mining reaches epidemic proportions

InfoAmazonia and RAISG join forces to Present media-rich insight including New survey data revealing the existence of more than 2000 points and 200 illegal mining areas in six Amazonian countries. December 10, 2018


Post Conference Media

Miami and Venezuela’s gold: The Miami Herald examines international consequences of Venezuela mining.

July 23, 2019

By Antonio Maria Delgado,  Kyra Gurney,  Bram Ebus,  Jim Wyss,  Jay Weaver, and Nicholas Nehamas

Venezuela, the Smuggler’s Paradise: InfoAmazonia provides yet another Media rich and comprehensive examination of the ripple effects of Venezuela’s mining from gold mines to refugees, to effects through the Amazon, Caribbean and global international markets

July 23 2019

by Algimiro Montiel, Jorge Benezra, Bram Ebus, Antonio Maria Delgado, Jay Weaver, Jim Wyss, Kyra Gurney, Nicholas Nehamas and Pamela Kalkman

The Indigenous Mining Arc Part 2. Perspectives on Indigenous mining and the Venezuela Crisis

July 2019 by José Rafael Lozada

La Sangrienta Fiebre del Oro. Pranes, Guerrilla y Militares

The Bloody Gold Rush. Pranes, Guerrilla and Military (.pdf download. Original article in Spanish)

June 2019 by Mónica Martiz and Manuel Sánchez

Gold and Grief in Venezuela’s Violent South

Feb 28, 2019 by International Crisis Group

Desperate Venezuelans Dig Up Paradise in Search of Gold

Nov 20, 2018 by Kejal Vyas

An depth article by the Wall Street Journal discusses content of the report presented by SOSOrinoco to International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN & UNESCO in July 2018 on the current gold mining situation in Canaima National Park: A World Heritage Site in Venezuela - Click on link to read full Wall Street Journal article or view the article text and original report on which the WSJ article is based

The Indigenous Mining Arc Part 1 Perspectives on Indigenous mining and the Venezuela Crisis

October 2018 by José Rafael Lozada

The Orinoco Mining Arc’s Impact: A Conversation with Emiliano Teran Mantovani

October 10, 2018: by Cira Pascual Marquina – Venezuelanalysis.com

In-Focus: Illegal Mining Around the Globe

Sept 10, 2018: by Mark Gibson

La minería sin control pone en riesgo la cuenca del río Orinoco

August 1st 2018: by Daniel Gutman

This article was reprinted for the Belgium magazine: MO