Post-Conference Follow-Up

Presentations from LACCCB 2018 are being made available HERE

Venezuela: scientists beat the food crisis and stop consumption of whale shark!

this article details events following the LACCCB 2018 workshop The Whale Shark as a flag for the scientific and educational integration of the Americas and Caribbean for conservation.

Conference Wrap-up by Dr. Anjani Ganase

Update on Orinoco Mining Arc Conference statement.

We invite you to view the resulting CONFERENCE STATEMENT, prepared by attendees of LACCCB 2018 after the presentation of the symposium “An Insight into the Orinoco Mining Arc: its implications for Venezuela and the eastern Caribbean”organized by the Venezuelan Society of Ecology, and voted on at the LACA member’s meeting.


Background information leading to this statement, as well as post-conference media related to the statement can be found on the Orinoco Mining Arc Media Page

Press release: New Rankings put The UWI among top 5 percent of best Universities in the world