Speaking the Truth: Addressing communication challenges between scientists, regional collaborators, and policymakers in conservation science.



We can best address regional conservation challenges through public education programs and advocacy to inform policymakers of the need for scientific based solutions to anthropogenic biological threats.

Interactive Session

Part of the Concurrent sessions

1:00:00 PM to 3:00:00 PM

Dr. Thomas  E Lacher. Texas A&M University United States (USA)

Nicolette S Roach

Max Capacity: 40

Minimum Required: 10



We are currently observing a number of reversals in environmental policies in several countries throughout the Americas, as policy makers have weakened or reversed conservation focused legislation. As conservation scientists, we struggle to guarantee that our published research influences the decision-making process. In addition, we also must guarantee that within the scientific community, our results are effectively communicated to collaborators and across networks, and that the public, who elects our representatives, casts their votes in an informed fashion to elect responsible individuals. One can argue that we are failing on both counts. In this interactive session, we will present a number of short talks that address these issues and frame critical challenges, and then form breakout sessions where attendees can wrestle with the issues in their own countries. We will select several additional speakers with diverse perspectives beyond the organizers, awaiting final confirmed attendance. Each breakout group will produce a report back to the session organizers, who will then relate these observations to the full session to generate a synthesis of challenges and potential solutions. We are especially interested in discussing the role of advocacy in the scientific community. We anticipate cross-cultural insights to emerge that can help to strengthen the ability of LACA members to enhance communication to help to bridge the science-policy gap.