Additional Tour Operators


Nanan's Caroni Tours (

Madoo's Caroni tours (


These tours typically leave at 4pm most days for a boat tour that takes you into the Caroni Swamp (a Ramsar Site) to view the spectacular flocks of Scarlet Ibis that fly in to roost every evening. You will see lots of other wildlife on the way, and the mangrove swamp is a beautiful place to spend an evening. You will need your own transport to reach the jetty/visitor centre (unless you arrange via Caribbean Discovery Tours, see previous page). Advance booking is not always necessary but is a good idea. 20 mins drive from UWI campus,


Yerette, Home of the Hummingbird (

The home of retirees Theo and Gloria Ferguson has been transformed into a hummingbird haven! Spend a relaxing few hours surrounded by up to 9 species of hummingbird - while also learning about them from Theo, enjoying light refreshments and admiring Theo's incredible photography. Booking in advance is essential and you will need your own transport. 20 mins drive from UWI campus.



Asa Wright Nature Centre (

This famous nature centre is open to day visitors and overnighters alike. Tours along the main nature trail run at 10.30am and 1pm each day and are included in the entrance price, but call in advance to book a place. Afterwards, spend time chilling out on their verandah bird watching. Local style lunch is also served. You will need your own transport unless booking as part of a tour (see Caribbean Discovery Tours on previous page). 1 hour drive from UWI campus.


Brasso Seco Village - hiking and chocolate tours (

A village tucked away in the Northern Range, surrounded by fantastic hiking opportunities and full of local culture and tradition. It is possible to overnight in accommodation in the village and book hiking guides, or learn about local culture at the tourist centre. Best to call in advance. 1.5hrs drive from UWI campus.


Limeland Nariva Swamp Tours (

Kayman Sagar runs wonderful kayaking-walking tours of the protected Bushbush wildlife sanctuary in Nariva. See here* for more details. As well as this classic tour, Kayman also offers delegates the option of supervised kayaking sessions (up to 4hrs) on the Mitan River for TT$350 per double kayak, TT$250 per single. Call or email Kayman for more details. You will need your own transport to reach Limeland House, which is a 2hr drive from UWI campus.  Please see the limeland brochure for more details