International Year of the Reef T&T: Chasing Coral



Managing the impact of climate change on coral reefs by using a cross-sectoral approach to marine conservation.

Interactive Session

Part of the Concurrent sessions

3:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Mr. Jahson B Alemu I. SpeSeas, Trinidad and Tobago

Farahnaz Solomon

Anjani E. Ganase

Amy Deacon

Max Capacity: 100

Minimum Required: 20



Coral reef ecosystems are important to sustaining tropical, marine environments and the socio-cultural and economic well-being of those that depend on them. Yet, they are declining worldwide. In order to raise awareness about the value and importance of coral reefs and in celebration of 2018 being the ‘International Year of the Reef’ we propose a special screening and panel discussion of the Netflix documentary film “Chasing Coral”. Chasing Coral documents the acute reality that coral reefs worldwide are dying at an unprecedented rate because of coral bleaching, and the attempt to use underwater time-lapse photography to record this mass bleaching. Following the screening, a panel discussion will be held with local and regional coral reef ecologists and climatologists. The discussion will focus on a multi-sector and multi-objective approach to marine conservation. It will also cover regional initiatives for reef conservation, specifically in regard to connectivity for reseeding, since within Latin American and Caribbean territories some reefs are going to be more impacted by climate change than others. The outcome will be actionable ideas for the integration of marine conservation. This screening will be part of a larger programme (outside of LACCCB) to engage with the wider public on coral reef and ocean health.