Building Climate Resilience into Caribbean Forest Resources Management and Associated Livelihoods



Facilitated session to share and discuss best practices for climate resilience in managing forest resources and supporting associated livelihoods in the Caribbean.

Interactive Session:

Concurrent sessions

2:00 PM to          5:00 PM              

Dr. Natalie Boodram, Caribbean Natural Resources Institute, Trinidad and Tobago

Nicole Leotaud                 

Keisha Sandy

Max Capacity:30

Minimum required: 5



During this session the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) will share case studies and lessons learnt from its many years of experience in forest resources management, highlighting tools and best practices that engender climate resilience. Participants will also be invited to share relevant initiatives that they have worked on. This will be followed by a facilitated process to identify those initiatives with potential for scaling up and out across the Caribbean region, including the institutionalisation of best practices and tools within relevant national and regional policies and programmes.  Thus, not only will participants at the workshop benefit from the knowledge sharing, but they will also collectively analyse and generate recommendations on future directions for the management of forest resources and associated livelihoods in the Caribbean.  The session’s outputs will be used in development of a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Caribbean Regional Strategy to secure and channel appropriate human and financial resources to build climate resilience into the region’s forestry sector.